Anti-theft options for esk8

Hello fellow users !

I am creating this topic as a place for you to share what devices you use in order to protect your beloved board from being stolen or lost. Do you know some GPS trackers, “board” lockers or some other things useful to protect your 4-wheeled friend ?

I hope this could benefit other e-skaters willing to protect their board, have a nice day !

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10 Char

Just carry it with you. mine never leaves my side.

I guess TILE would be an option.

It would be hilarious if their thief came on here asking for help on how to get it working and binding with a new remote.

I’m thinking of adding a GPS tracker meant for bikes because the price of a good eboard is so expensive

Well let’s say soemone grabs it, shots you in the feet and jumps into a car. How to get you board back ? xD

I saw Tile and TrackR but I find them limited

I would like to have a way to stop my board via my mobile phone so if I let a stranger use it I can be sure he doesn’t rides away with it. Otherwise a GPS device would be cool or I’ll even use an alarm device that will let the alarm ring if the charger is unplugged without disarming the alarm first (like flipping a switch or something) , so I can go to the toilet and leave my board charging when I’m in a cafe/Starbucks lol.


well if I have been shot in the feet, I’m probably not going to want to skate any more so they can have it.

but if you want to track it just put a GPS dot on it.

I ordered up some of the TrackR’s to place inside the board. Figure better than nothing (having had one stolen already because i’m an idiot and left it in the car). Best protection is to keep it with you…

Note on the TrackR vs Tile - TrackR has a replaceable battery - Tile you have to exchange. It was the deciding factor for me, and the two way vs one way for keys/phone.

there are options which are very cheap as in the following:Überwachung-Ortung/dp/B00M8EWX6U/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1472244298&sr=8-2&keywords=gps+motorrad

they work well and are very easy to setup…

sadly they do not have a kill switch …:frowning: that would be great to have…the ones which do have one are much more expensive…

you would need a kill switch…there are some motorcycle Gps devices which have such but are a bit to expensive…

that thief is probably lurking in this forum

Maybe. Don’t worry it’s a distinctive board, and if i see it i’ll get it back. Plus a permanent limp for the thief. I still look on local CL and keep an eye out. Sucky lesson to learn, but leaving it in the car at work was dumb. Window cracked and probably a clothes hanger or easier to break in. Old car, so not much challenge. Just because it’s a locked garage… I still should’ve taken it into work.

There was a similar thread to this one… I think one of the solutions was to install motion alarm… once board has been moved or a vibration is sensed… a loud noise / alarm is triggered…

was not that expensive… although this one relies on response time and surrounding people alertness level / response to action.

The real trick is how to hide the tracker inside the battery pack shrink wrap so it’s not obvious to what it is

@lowGuido method is the best, but sometimes you may leave it beside you and not be watching it and someone could take it I suppose. Never thought it would be an issue. Most ppl wouldnt even know what it is.

However now that it brought up I like the idea of the tracker and combo with a motion detector. As long as you could set the detector properly. Wouldnt want it gong off all the time every time I used it. Have a Raptor so big investment and doubt Id be able to afford another one if it was stolen.

If it was stolen from car you may be covered unde insurance for sone personal items takwn if the policy details that.

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Someone should make a bag that your board goes into and then the bag locks on to a bike rack. I would buy that in a heart beat.

There are bag materials that are resistant to cutting, and tearing.


What great way to meet the bomb squad


By the way - The previous anti-theft topic is here:

I proposed an idea there for boards with ‘‘grip handles’’ to put a chainlock through the hole / holes to secure the board in place, similar like bicycles are locked to objects.

As for securing the components:

One solution would be:

  • Closed bag

** It could partly solve the problem (gives no idea what is inside / extra layer of protection for not accessing the board directly) ** Minus - needs to be carried in backpack or something similar.

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