Antispark and on off switch

I just wonder i’ve seen combos of antispark and on off switches from diy esk8 and other places go for way to much for me and then I saw this

but in my understanding which may be wrong but its just a like if you would use a xt90 antispark plug and put a switch before just like in the link and then just have the switch sticking out and use that to turn it on and off daily without worrying, but why hasn’t people doing it then? and the cable to the switch is super thin can that really handle that high of a current when the cable next to it is more than twice as large?

the antispark method on the xt90s is a resistor that connects before the main connection and that’s the antispark function. you’ll have to disconnect and reconnect it each time to avoid the spark unless you added some other circuitry bit. xt90s is the easiest way to connect and not spark for me. i had one of those things you linked but never used it and it went in the trash.

so what’s the best way to make a push bottom on off switch then?

i don’t know I gave up: too big and expensive and then they often break. You may not want my advice but for me getting going with just the xt90s plug was good enough and haven’t bothered to get fancier. it works well. plug vs button…buttons are easier to push but it’s not worth it to me.

wait, so you just plug the xt90 in and start remote and go. Then unplug it and turn of remote thats it?

Well you should always turn your Tx on then your Rx on first but yes. I turn my remote on, then plug in the XT90-S which turns the board on and I am ready to go. Then when I am done I simply unplug the XT90-S which turns the board off, then I turn the remote off.

yea. xt90s. eventually they die too but it’s a long time, and then you’ll see the spark and replace the side with the resistor. green colored plug.

but when they then die and create a spark, that could make damage right?

got me wondering. I don’t think the esc is damaged by the spark (would like to confirm that) so the only drawback would be the connector will corrode with the spark repeatedly

Thanks for the help so just to make it clear, Ifyou just make A xt90 anti spark switch to your system and leave esc on and just turn on remote, put the plug in and you are Good to go and then turn remote off and femove plug + charge the plug regularly

I have had a deans connector on one of my boards for 3 years with no anti spark and it still works. if it ever gets bad enough that it causes a problem I will replace it with another 0.3c deans plug. fuck spending $55 on an antispark FET switch.

spark is good to have anyway, reminds you when to replace your caps.