Antispark without a fuse?

Hi all, just wondering if it is nessessary to use a fuse on my antispark switch or if I can just use 10awg wire instead? I have fuses elsewhere in the circuit so don’t really want to add another one on the switch. Plus 40a is too low for my set up really and it looks like the maxi fuses(60a+) aren’t really the right size for the vedder switch… I have the flipsky made switch. Any advice appreciated! Mike

yes you can remove the fuse safely, i woudnt put more than 40a on anything from flipsky tho

Cool thanks Acido. So to clarify I can simply put a bit of 10 guage wire across the two contacts where the fuse would be? I get what your saying re ampage. It’s just I get a bit too close to 40amps when tackling a steep hill… Mike

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you can even put 12awg without a problem

Awesome thanks for your help! Mike