Any Caliber II Double Truck Mount?

I have a drop-through deck, but don’t have enough clearance for my motor and battery when I use the drop-through feature. I’ve seen double trucks on trucks before but never gave them any thought. Anyone know if anyone sells Double trucks for Caliber II’s? Also, I found these by searching up “longboard double truck.” Any idea what these type of trucks are called?


Evolve Bamboo GT

The “double trucks” are called gulwing sidewinders

Any ideas if people make them for caliber’s?

Gulwing sidewinders, made for carvejunkies like me and @b264 :grin: theyre tkp and not rkp like calibers, we need someone to make rkp double kingpins!!

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I’ve been waiting a long time to buy double reverse kingpin trucks, at least but preferably more than 305mm axle length

in the meantime, we have Evolve Supercarve trucks for when you just have to have the carviest board

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Really loving your profile picture lmao

nah they don’t exist.

Hold up, wouldnt double rkp be reversed 2 times???

It’s more likely the bottom hanger would have a pivot CUP on it and the first kingpin would also be the second pivot.

edit: no, that won’t work. this must be why they don’t exist

in the meantime, as long as you stay under 27mph I’ll take Supercarve over CaliberII any day of the week

I’ve never been a fan of the sidewinders. There is a product that gives you that feel and makes rkp feel like sidewinders. Look up the surf adapter. The guy sent me one to try out and it is pretty awesome.

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Ha ha. Okay, so maybe Surf Adaptor under 10mph, Supercarve 10mph to 27mph and CaliberII over 27mph


I would get supercrarve trucks but I don’t feel like paying ~180 + 30 for the mount

Well I wouldnt put them on an electric board but the are pretty sweet for a standard longboard

longboards can’t hang out in my crib without someone sticking motors and shit on them


Sufficient is to say that the most famous and trusted Esk8 brand on the planet uses double bushing trucks throughout their product line.

Evolves are great, unless you plan on going faster than 20mph…gullwing trucks are nice as a toy

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Could also be sufficient to say there’s 1 good reason 100’s of other builder’s and brands don’t use double kingpin trucks…

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Personally, I prefer the quadruple kingpin trucks


Me too. Besides, I’m not a frigging Daredevil with a dead wish who later will regret all the bruises and broken bones. Speed… thanks but no thanks. I preffer to live.

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Just gonna drop this in here…