Any difference between rear/front motor-drive?

Hey there, new first-timer-build here! Was wondering if there was any real difference between the front/rear positioned motor when riding?

The motorized wheel is attached to the truck and the truck to the board. The board will be pushed forward. So i dont think it will make any difference at all… Correct me if i am wrong!

I guess that is not the answer. I suppose someone already note the difference between front drive and rear drive. My preference is rear drive due to crack often hits the front first. Weight is also mainly at the front so it doesnt stress everything. However for safety reason front seems to be the better opt.

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It’s all about weight distribution. Having the motor up front makes the front of your board heavier up front. That just feels weird. And if you’re running a kicktail…


I’ve had both. With the motor on the front, it is more likely to get hit on cracks, expansion joints, and going up uneven surfaces. With the motor on the back, you can still hit the expansion joints, and you are more likely to hit going down uneven surfaces and going off curbs.

Since you are limited to what you can ride over, you don’t end up hitting a front mounted motor really hard that often. With a rear mounted motor, there’s not so much of a limit to what you can ride down. So if you’re not careful, you can hit your motor going down a curb pretty hard.

The advantage of a front mounted motor is that you get a more stealth look and when you hold your board by the front trucks, it’s not resting on the motor. Also makes it easier to drag and you can have a deck with a useable tail. With a rear mounted motor you have the clearance to do a drop-thru mount. I like the drop-thru mount, but you can still get your ride height lower on a front mount using a drop deck. You can also get a stealth look on a rear mount if you have a big enough tail that has a steep enough angle to clear the motor. Of course your tail is kind of useless while riding since you’d be smashing on your motor.

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Another thing to consider is the fact that having two driven elements in the same plane is going to affect the turning resistance, because both driven elements want to go the same speed and when you turn, the element on the inside of the turn is going to be slower than the one in the outside. In short and in terms of skateboards, having a front drive is going to give you heavy speed wobbles, as we want to turn with the front of the board more than the rear.

Could you please specify what do you mean by 'hit"? Thank you, I’m just trying to figure out if I should go with back or front wheel drive. The other comments are confusing…

This Is a year old thread lol. But I’ll add my two cents. It’s hilarious that people are going so in depth with this. If you have two motors on a board, they go in the rear… unless you run one front and back diagonal. Please nobody consider a god damn fwd board


Bringing it back!! ha ha! Had to reread my post.

I wasn’t referring to rear or front wheel drive, rather the mounting position of your motor/motors. If you mount your motor in front of your trucks like Boosted/Ego, you won’t hit your motors going off curbs if you don’t have enough speed. You can hit your motors going up uneven pavement or going off a curb at an angle. If your motor is rear mounted like Evolve, you’re more likely to hit your motors if you go off a curb to slowly to clear it. Neither is better or worse, just different.

If you’re talking about mounting a motor on your front vs. rear truck. That’s a different story. I prefer rear since I can keep my rear stiffer and my front a little looser for steering.

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