Any esk8rs in Virginia?

See top ^ :slight_smile:

DC. Not really Virginia, but close enough.

I’m in Alexandria during the fall semester.

Good news, I’m taking the semester off to teach engineering science to kids and resume my IT job.

PM me and we can get coffee, play Pokemon go, and talk shop.

Im up at WVU if you wanna take a trip up and skate together.

In DC or Alexandria?

DC - 10char

Western Virginia University? about 4 hours drive :frowning:

yea might be a bit far for you :confused:



Falls church, pretty close to Arlington

Keep in mind, the better Virginians moved west :joy:

Huntington local here :slight_smile:

Come Cruise the hills of lake barcroft in Falls Church VA with me

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In Roanoke Virginia and will skate anytime

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I don’t live there but… I love Roanoke, perfect place for riding!!! Gotta ride up Mill Mountain, the old mountain road if you haven’t. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Haven’t but I’ll be looking for it

I’m in fairfax