Any experience on Foxelion BMS?


I just bought couple of these 10S BMS. Appears to be decent so far. I’m only using them for charging only. The size is only 38x65x10mm that will fit anywhere. Anyone else using these?

So far i’m using it instead of balance charger to see how it performs. “Sadly” my pack is already in very good balance, so i might need to bleed one cell a little off to see what the BMS does.

It stops charging on 4.21V per cell. No big deal, because i can interrupt the charging any time.

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Can u shed some details about that voltmeter / amm meter?

Is it one u can get on aliexpress? I think these should show capacity / amphours also…

I forgot its name but im not sure it is the same as uve got some led lights on right, next to amps/volts.

That Bms looks with nice finish. Though havent seen it before, so thanks for showing

The V/A-meter is from Aliexpress or some other similar place, can’t remember anymore. Integrated shunt, not external. Yes it has Ah also, but i haven’t used it. I mainly use it for monitoring device’s V/A.

Yea the BMS looks on other side like a Buffalo external HDD case. I hope it’s not just polished shit.

These look to be sturdy. Though probably mostly suited for high power boards… 80A @ 36v is no joke :slight_smile:

That seems sturdy.

But this is as small that if fits on the middle section of my current board. So i can keep the existing balance connector, and charge throught that, and also monitor the voltages without opening the cover.

Does it come with wires already installed?

That seems quite handy, as my bms came without any soldered wires, just pcb terminals on bms and balance wire / cable for battery

Yes, as you see on the very first picture. B-, charge and discharge are installed, and balancing wires with header. I don’t personally like that those wires are installed. I’d rather solder them myself than extend the installed wires.

@dickyho is selling bms’ like this I think

in the picture its chinese: 16A and under that chinese: 8A what does the top 16A and whats with the bottom 8A

8A charge 16A discharge.