Any good portable chargers?

Um yeah does anyone know of a good portable charger for on the go

What exactly are you looking for? We even don’t know for which voltage…


@Kingdom421 Give us more info. BMS or balance charger? Voltage? Current? Battery chemistry?


Let me check real quick its not for a diy it’s a prekit

I had to leave real quick so all I know it’s a Lithium 3200mAh

The voltage, your desired charge current and the adapter plug type we need to know as min.

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You can use this one for 10s to 12s up to 7,5 amps charge Meanwell hlg-320h-48b Is cc-cv, the best thing is no noisy fan. Also not the cheapest.

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@Surfer Yeah, no. That’s a LED driver, not a battery charger. It’s not designed to charge batteries, and it has no current ramp-down or charge termination. It’ll charge your battery all the way to 4.2v/cell at maximum current and continue to trickle charge it indefinitely once it’s there. That’s a PERFECT recipe for a battery fire. Do NOT use that thing to charge your batteries.

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You can make your own with a boost converter, spare Lipo and watt meter


Oh yeah I see that you don’t have any clue about what you are talking about :slight_smile:




Which charge plug you have? How much amps the charger should have?

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12amps USA Wall plug

Have a look at this one

Is it the same charge plug than you have?

Your charger is 2.5A :wink:

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I have that already I’m looking for something portable I can plug it into so o don’t have to find an outlet. I guess it’s call a power bank.

This is what I’m thinking about trying.

You need to say what you searching… We can’t read your mind…

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Haha oops bro my bad I’m just waking up i meant to attach this