Any good vesc for sale

just trying to get backups because the drv chip is always breaking

you misspelled focbox. love mine. zero issues.


I live in eu and have a tb vesc (never used) for sale

i have two TB vesc one with drv damage and other in good condition twin only with 1km use maybe

arent they more expensive

how much for unbroken one texas

Common sense

Aren’t your vescs always breaking? So why not go for a focbox

dont they have drv chips also

Yes they do

Would probably be worth the extra money and buy a focbox.

However if you still want Vesc i have two completely new and unused torqueboard vesc’s for sale.

Vesc 6 from @trampa is the best money can buy

how much money

If u know how to replace the drv chip I have a vesc that one of the components burned a hole in the vesc but the drv should be golden I’d sell it for 20+shipping and I’m in houston

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Which vesc?

4.12 Torqueboard

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