Any ideas after crash

My aluminum board got kinked after a bail. I was able to jump and start running as fast as I possibly could (it worked :+1:t3::grin:) but the tail end of my aluminum deck got a kink from ramming into something. My weight has mad it start to become weaker and the atter pack is getting really low… ive switched to another deck in the mean while… any ideas on how to fix the deck or is it done.

I do realize pics are important so i will post some once im home. Any suggestions are appreciated

You might be able to bend it back with a big sturdy bench vise, make sure to go slow and let it cool as you go.

Just try to get it halfway straight.

If you bend aluminum too fast, the heat produced while bending it will fatigue the metal.

Meaning? Battery pack perhaps?

Upload that pic when you get home so we can see how bad it is. If the deck is getting weaker it means you have stretched the aluminium plate with your weight. And there’s no way to fix that.

Battery pack is fine. Its only the deck

I do think I’d be able to bend it back to normal, I’m just afraid that it will leave a weak point in the middle and bad back up after riding at home for a couple of days.

check your battery welds happen to me I got into a accident thought nothing of it, battery welds were broken due to accident but slightly touching board dies on me going 37mph up a hill. fell really bad


Niw that u mentirit, heavy vibrations have been causing my boar to like turn on and off…

something like this

It needs to be heated while being straightened, that way it won’t lose strength.

I can also see a couple of spots where it should be brazed or welded.

Find a local friendly metal fabricating shop