Any interest in 169mm and 220mm CNC hangers for Caliber baseplates?

Hello folks.

Some of you might know that I have said that I will start a build thread over a year ago, sadly have not started yet but slowly getting there as I only go for the best parts which made me do a lot of waiting.

However, I have been having a bit of a headache over the type of hangers and axles I need and found no suitable ones for me, so I just decided to brute force a solution :muscle:! (Not doing this “oh well, this one is close enough for me” attitude)

Most clamps was made for calibers, so may as well make a hanger that will fit into the Caliber baseplate as I also have 44’s and 50’s. Saves wasting more money making base plates for now.

I had a pair of 7075 aero grade 200mm prototype made and should receive them by the end of next week at the soonest.

It wont be the same as the image I showed but at least I will know the level of workmanship from the CNC fab place.

It will have slight errors in the hole where the kingpin goes through (center ring was 1mm thicker than Caliber and also distance from outside sides was symmetrical which is not the case with precision caliber), which I had made oversights the first time around and corrected.

Some cash obviously has been wasted by this small oversight but that is how it goes, gotta do a couple of iterations to get it all just right. I will live. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

While I was at it, I have decided to design it just for esk8 instead of just the width. So I made the hanger exactly 20mm by 20mm for ease of clamp designing. That way you know your clamp can be exactly 20.5mm by 20.5mm and it will fit perfectly.

No round top Calibers or attacking Ronins with a file to flatten parts or difficulty making clamps for elliptical Paris.

A 5 year old can just draw a simple square inner dimension clamp size and viola, job done right! :baby:

I assumed that maybe there would be interest in the hangers, so just feeling the waters to see if that is the case and to hear any concerns/questions or any reasonable objections.

The hangers is 204mm and the bolts add 16mm before the axle part for the wheels so it would be 204+16 making inner bearing to inner bearing exactly 220mm

In addition to this, I have also made one for Metroboard pulleys. Metro pulleys actually pushes the wheels further apart by 35mm. The hanger size is 169 plus bolts 16mm plus Metro pulleys 35mm adding up to 220mm!

Here is photos of the custom Metro pulley bolts I had made.

The normal axle bolt has been attacked by a blowtorch. The engineer could not get the fucking thing off normally cos of red loctite :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Caliber themselves advised to bake the whole hanger to 400f/200d and then get the bolts off.

Perfect fit for the Metro pulley.

Metro pulley and wheel put on Caliber hanger.

I also had 4 3/8" 45mm bolts for SuperStar hubs made, but it was done with the prototype hangers, so still waiting to receive it. I just call it SuperStar bolts.

I also have done up standard 3/8" bolts as well.

I also done 5/16" but then all skateboard axles are also 5/16", so no point showing it.

I’m hoping there is interest in the 220mm hangers, so lets see!


definately interested in the 220mm hangars

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I see you have a shop in London? That is fine as the CNC fab I went to is in New York and Amsterdam.

So there won’t be shipping issues at all as I just get the Amsterdam branch to make them for Euros.

Can you explain how British EU exit affects shipping? I understand that it is kinda not part of EU but kinda part of EU sort of thing. Shipping to England same as shipping to rest of EU countries?

The UK is still part of the EU for a while yet

what sprt of price are we talking? Getting stuff CNCed in the EU is usually pretty expensive

I can talk to Agata about that, I do have the US bulk price list for 220’s for rough idea.



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Looks great, what is your specified tolerance for the axle concentricity? And what material are these stubs made of? I assume there was a heat treatment process involved?


I do not know. Was expecting these questions.

I had the bolt reverse engineered and used the same 304 stainless steel used with the precision caliber bolts.

It most certainly felt the same putting it on and taking it off, did not feel any more loose or tight.

Do they really use 304? Thought they were 17/4 ph stainless which you can actually heat treat!? Never seen axle steps made of 304 tbh.

Which CNC fab did you use? 3dhubs? Just wondering cause I would like to push my own trucks to be made soon


Here is the info I got from.

Ok well then :grin:

Yes, I went with 3D hubs.

We will see how the 304 holds up. :rofl:

Price range looked familiar :sunglasses:. My own version will be bit more pricey though …

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However, it’s by far the cheapest. Asked in China, Us and Europe. Xometry is another relatively cheap service

Once I over come this problem, I would like to start working on base plates. A lot of the base plates keep the pivot cup in the same place meaning the axle moves when using a different angle baseplate.

The one I would like to design will have the base plate done a little differently for each angle so the axle is still exactly the same place.

Simple MSPaint to show what I mean.

More choices for the customer is good!

Variety is the spice of life, yes? :hugs:

Do not want to do China for obvious reasons.

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Yeah looks good! Hope you can knock the price a little down. Unfortunately, only 0.01% of the community actually cares about trucks which is kinda sad

Well, if more people migrate to square clamp designs, that might change a bit. Not really for normal grommets.

If group buy does not work, that is fine as I can just make a set for myself. I have another business on the horizon which has a higher priority (nothing to do with esk8).

Just want to make one real good board that is completely dialed in for myself which I will keep using and replacing parts instead of making another one and another one, so building it to last.

It will be on a custom SubSonic 34" Illuminati board with trucks mounted to G-Bomb brackets.

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If you get 100 orders, comes out to 36.25 per hanger, 72.5 per set plus base plates, bushings and hardware. So around $100 for a set of precision trucks. Seems very doable.

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