Any italian here? Italy electric skateboard experience

I do not understand what engine I should use, so many people use sk3 that cost 80 € and then some prop propulsion from 40 € but they still go to 49kmh. I do not quite understand this thing

It depends . Usually a low Kv motor is suggested, with power ranging from 1Kw to 2Kw or even more, but more power means more battery drain. When you are considering a motor you can use a speed and range calculator,( there are some linked here on the forum somwhere if you search) where you input the values of the motor you are considering, and play wih battery voltages, capacity, gear ratio, and wheel diameter to see what you can expect from that motor . The choice is yours, but if you are not the experimental kind of guy you can always copy the setup of other people to be sure.

Thank you very much, I hope to do it

Good morning … my name is Antonio … and I live in Milan! I’m glad to meet other Italians with my own passion for electric skate.

Welcome Samuele :slight_smile:

Your motor choice depends on the battery you decide to go for. Speed isn’t a problem, you can reach 50km/h even with small motors. What they won’t give you is torque (you won’t be able to climb a hill) and probably reliability, as they are probably gonna heat up a lot. There are some speed calculators you can use to check that. You have to decide a specific motor Kv. Kv determines what voltage you need to get to a certain speed. If you go for a 10s battery, a 190Kv motor will be enough. If you are using 6s, you will have to get a higher kv, like 245, and sacrifice torque, but get the same speed in the end. Higher voltage is more efficient, which means will draw less amps, which means less heat to dissipate. I would recommend 10s on 190kv with 15/36 ratio for pulleys, that’s a good standard setup. If you’re really broke, just buy 6s and 245kv but you will feel the need to upgrade later

Really thanks, but what batteries and how many mah

It depends on your budget and needs. >5000 mAh, you can either go for lipos from hobbyking (but you will need to connect them in series and/or parallel and charge them one at the time with a balance charger) or liions. With liions you either get a pack already built, but that’s 250 euros, or build yourself one if you have enough knowledge to solder/spotweld them. If you think you can wait and raise more money, send me a pm and I may be able to build you a very good one (probably better than boosted) in about 3 months, but that’s gonna cost ~700 euros (still a great deal, considering prices of commercial boards)

C’è solo un capitano

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Thanks a lot but i think i will keep it low with the budget so i will look better what to take. But can you put a 2000w motor, 360kv with 6s?

360kv is a bit too high, you will have very little torque. 260 should work Check this

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Torque depends by the motor torque, but also depends a lot by the gear ratio you choose to use

You would have to use like 14/46 to get good torque, low kv is better for this

I have a 3:1 gear ratio on 380kv motor, no torque problems even uphill :slight_smile: But i admit my setup is pretty different from what usually poeple does here.

guys, nice to meet you all, i’ve done a facebook group for italian electric skateboards, I’ve called it electric skateboards italia, join it!

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Can’t find it :confused:

hi everybody! I’m Giacomo, from Milano. Here I roam around with a single drive 6s lipo setup. It’s been a year since I completed the build: nothing fancy, just right to take me from home to work and back on a non daily basis. I’ve encountered some other folks with e-boards, some kooweels and even a boosted but no-one with a diy. I’ve also received lots of questions about eskating and how to build. even a policeman asked me how fast and far could it go. I maybe lucky but I was never stopped by a policeman, but I rarely go fast or go on the roads: I use it on sidewalks and bike lanes. it was all good and funny till I forgot to remove the loop key and went out for a week end and now I’m stuck with two 3s dead lipos and lots of sadness… I’m thinking about getting a li-ion 6s2p with a bms and I don’t know where to start. the alternative path is to stick with lipos, but with a bms this time, so I don’t have to charge 2 separate batteries and unmount the battery holder everytime… can any fellow Italian give me some help in this regards?

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hi I’m Andrea living in Milan and in my diy I’m facing the same issue upgrade the battery pack with a bms or use a balance charger as usual, I have seen 16Ah battery 6s on hobbyking i think it’s enough power, you don’t need a 6s2p

ciao volevo sapere se il freno del tuo esc è lineare o scattoso, va anche in reverse?? I would like to know if your esc as a nice breaking system ??