Any Los Angeles DIY esk8 riders willing to shoot some videos this weekend?

Guys me and other forum member @Titoxd10001 are going to ride and shoot some videos this weekend 28th-29th-30th April. Any DIY esk8 riders based in Los Angeles willing to come on board and ride with us ??

Possible location bike path next to LA RIVER close to Doggers Stadium:

Other possible location is Public 3 level Parking Lot next to Disney Concert Hall in downtown. It’s always totally empty.

Required dress code for today: all black + face masks :slight_smile:


A little update…I’ve talked to @Titoxd10001 and we might still be shooting also sometime during next week. If someone has time and is interested just PM me.

I don’t have a face mask. but I have a drone. so i’m in lol

How long is that ride?

We went to downtown LA today and there are some nice bike paths. Lots of hills so dual is recommended. Well probably go again sometime next week

We went to a different spot but @saul might know how long that bike path is

Finally someone with a drone. We gotta ride brother.

Our ride from yesterday. Downtown LA and SANTA MONICA . Let’s go guys shoot some more. Turn the sound on please.

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@saul @Titoxd10001 Guys how about riding today at 5.30 PM - LA RIVER BIKE PATH. Would that work for you ?

Here is a map where we can start. We need some ugly industrial landscape for the movies :slight_smile:

Looks cool :+1::+1:

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I can’t make it today. I’m doing some upgrades to my board so might not be able to go for two weeks.

Guys how about we shoot on thursday 5.30 PM ? will that work for you ?

didn’t see this in time, but yea thats the path I was talking about. a few really smooth sections for speed runs.

up the hill on elysian park is my new favorite spot, but you need a belt drive or dual.

Me and another guy did the Riverside run on your map yesterday at 3:30 pm. There is a hell of a whoop section about 1.5 miles in to it. Section of tree roots under the asphalt. Definitely an under 20mph section. Fun watching him get through it over 20. Saw a coupla e-boarders going the opposite direction, a fun run for sure.

Sounds awesome. All I am really looking for is some bridges and lot’s of concrete. No greens, trees or any of the sort. So is there anyone who is down for riding on Thursday ? Let’s shoot a nice video boys.

@saul did you by chance ride through chinatown last weekend? saw someone going down broadway going east.

i’m in downtown but super swamped this week and weekend.

i also saw someone on an eboard with pneumatic wheels bombing up temple a week or so ago…i wonder if you’re here too…?

that was probably me in chinatown! I think I was checking out the new park!

is this still happening? been busy but should have some time for rides soon.