Any Lurkers in the Netherlands? (amsterdam)

Hello fellow ESK8 enthusiasts,

I have been lurking around this and other forums for a while now, first of all I would like to say that i have learned a lot of this community and that all the information that gets shared here is amazing and i would never have the knowledge to make a board without it, all of you are incredibly nice to the more unexperienced people. At this point i feel quite educated about the main objectives of building an electric skateboard, so theory wise I think I am ready for the journey, the problem I face now is that I have very little experience with electronics and soldering and all that( basic school stuff). So I was wondering if there are any ESK8 builders in the Netherlands or even better Amsterdam to share the ride with, like ordering the good parts and making the board, or just chat up on how you went on about building your board. Since I found the jetspunk build from RunPlayBack ( im sure I want to build a smaler board for commuting and just cruising around.

I really hope I can find some dutch people on here to help me out! Or maybe your just like me and don’t really know were to start, and we can figure it out together! Hope il have my own building topic running in some time!

Cheers guys!

@laurnts is from the netherlands. My bet is that he will probably know some other dutch people.

You can also try to search through newcomer thread. Not entirely sure you will find a lot of people, but still.

dutch !! nijmegen 1,5 hours from amsterdam

Dutch, from Utrecht. Preparing a build :slight_smile:

I see Laurnts already added you to the Netherlands eRider group, i’m in Amsterdam this week but i mostly ride in The Hague area. Send me a message if you have any questions! Still need to put up my own build thread though haha

Gorinchem here (below Utrecht). First build topic:

Preparing for a second and third build (for my colleague) :slight_smile:

so cool to see there are riders from holland! great forum !

Belgian here (Dutch). Feel free to ask me anything, I’ll do my very best to help you out as much as i possibly can :slight_smile:

Yo, I’m in Amsterdam, anyone got a fine yet? :grin:

Hi there, Apeldoorn represent!

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Ik ben als Nederlander ook al een tijdje op zoek naar een community in Nederland voor esk8. Het lijkt mij heel vet om meetings en rides te organiseren. Tot nu toe weinig mede liefhebbers/eigenaren van elektrische skaterboards gezien. Ik heb daarom een facebookgroep gemaakt om zo een Nederlandse community te creeren en leuke dingen te organiseren . De facebookgroep heet Esk8 Nederland voor als je het leuk lijkt :wink: of deze link:

Thnx! Jammer dat die facebookgroep alleen een besloten groep is waarbij aan de hand van het beantwoorden van vragen pas wordt beoordeeld of je lid mag worden. Lijkt mij juist leuk om echt een community te creëren welke is gebaseerd op groei van de leden en waarbij er regelmatig leuke rides of meetings georganiseerd worden. Meer open voor iedereen zeg maar!

Klopt, maar dit is een bestaande community. Maar stuur eens een link dan kom ik bij jouw groep :wink:

Facebookgroep: Esk8 Nederland Link:

Utrecht hiero! Bms van m’n bord lijkt stuk dus ben ff out of the running. Trampa mountainboard is bijna af though, electronica inbouwen en hopen dat ik m’n focboxes niet opblaas…