Any reason not to use power switch on FVT 120a?

I have found the switch to be useful, but someone mentioned in a thread that this might be a bad idea. I am using the ESC with 6S. Any ideas?

One problem with using the ESC switch to turn of the board is that it won’t necessarily turn off the board. It will only turn off the ESC. If you have a fuel gauge on your battery pack, for example, it will stay on and drain your pack. Very slowly, but it will drain it. That can lead to problems with your pack if it does it for too long.

You mean just a physical switch on the power to the ESC? How else would you turn it off?

I’ve had a metal toggle switch like this on my board for over a year:

It’s rated for 125V and 20A, which is fine.

And I have a separate switch for my battery monitor.

That is true, but I was more worries about just burning out the ESC or such. My monitor says it uses 5ma, so for keeping batteries connected for the day wouldn’t be problem.

Only reason i didnt use it was that I kept breaking** the switch off.

AND its wimpy/ugly.

You braked so hard the switch came off, dang!

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haha whoops typo. thanks

Used it from the start - never a problem with my modification: