Any reccommendations?

Well, my previuos topic was not clear enough to explain everything. So here is a more clear description of what I want and already have:

I already have one 15t pulley, and a 30t pulley with a 10mm belt. I have 83mm wheels. I would really like it if I could use these pulleys and belt.

I want to be able to start without a push (from a complete standstill), It needs to go 20+ miles per hour on a flat surface at least, and I would like to make it work using the space cell 3 (with enclosure) and the Enertion Vesc. I now know that a 190kv motor wont do the job ( Could you please advise me with the selection of a motor?

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190kV is perfect for the space cell. With that gearing and those wheels your flat ground top speed should be roughly 27mph. Any higher kV would be a bit overkill.

If you have dual motors, starting from a stop shouldn’t be an issue. Their might be some problems with a single motor though. Having sensors motors might help.

A 168kV motor would give a little more torque and your top speed would be around 24mph. I think someone sells a 6374 168kV but I forget who.

Do you mean this one?

If you want to be starting from a stand still on that gear ratio I would say sensors are quite important. These will do, but if you find a slightly lower kv motor that’s sensored that’ll probably suit your needs best

Thanks! I will have to find out how much the shipping costs, and they have no way to be contacted. No working mail, no working contact form…

Calling @JLabs…

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Hey dude! You are going to want to bookmark the ESK8 calculator where you can enter your motor KV, battery, and gearing info and it will calculate your top speed and other important information. This awesome tool was created and optimized by @makevoid Give it a look! :v:

Is the space cell lipo or li-ion?

The space cell is made from 18650 Li-ion cells.

Thanks for the tips!

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We have a product enquiry, and emails posted in our description. 6374 motors are out of stock, 6354 are in stock. Shipping is $6.80 to the US.

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