Any recommendations for trampa complete powerplant?

I have a Trampa HolyPro deck, looking to acquire the electronics. I am new and not well versed with the electronics side of DIY. \

Is there any companies or private parties that can assemble the complete powerplant (enclosure, batteries, anti-spark, ESC x2, BMS, charge port, charger)? Am I missing anything from this list? I think I would prefer the bottom mounted option over top mounted but I’m open to suggestions.

A little information about what I am currently working with…

Trampa HolyPro Deck Kaly Direct Drive Two Torque Board 6374 190KV motors Kaly Hangers with AT Tires

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Talk to @Kaly, he makes epic boards.

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Thanks and I’m sure when he is done with production on his new board he would be more than happy to help. Ive messaged back and forth with him but understandably his primary focus is to get out this new board at the moment. I was looking for other ways and means if there are any

Could buy all the parts (minus batteries and ESC) from trampa. All plug and play. Batteries could be some beefy lipo’s and disconnect them for charging.

Otherwise there’s a few people around that could build you a battery to fit whatever box size you end up getting.

If you’re set on bottom mounted batteries, kaly is the only production level guy doing it.


@Eboosted does batteries too and enclosures and I think he is not the only one around here who could make it. @danepoostain from where you are? Maybe somebody close to you is here to put you all things together if you don’t want or can’t make it by your own. Just ordered the single parts to somebody who will put you everything together. If you need help to choose the right parts than just let us know.

I just pm’d alan @Eboosted he was very helpful and i think that seems to be the best option. Im located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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You in good hands with @Eboosted :wink:

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Its called the Kaly GEAR drive!!! Stop this now!!


@ARetardedPillow and if you were to classify the “Kaly GEAR drive”… you would probably say its a direct drive? Kaly?.. Kaly direct drive lol

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class all its own i suppose. im new here so a GEAR drive is not the same as a direct drive?! Like exactly the same? Like GEAR drive isnt the suppliers name for his direct drive system?

Better don’t start this topic :grimacing: That can go wild very fast… Just take it like that, what you bought is a gear drive, don’t never ever call it different :point_up: :point_up: :point_up: For any further questions I recommend you to contact @b264 :relieved: :sweat_smile::joy:


Gear drives and direct drive is the same thing!!!

Are you serious? :scream:


i see. i dont want to open a can of worms here. it gets confusing when manufacturers are making up their own names for the same thing. I work in the car business and this happens often



Gear drive is when there are no belts but only gears.

Direct drive is when the motor is directly connected to the wheel.

Correct me if I am wrong


That’s exactly why this confusion exists in the first place. Gear drive is gear drive. Direct drive doesn’t use gears. At all. No gears.

Some manufacturers try to intentionally create confusion to try to sell more things. If a manufacturer has to resort to that to sell more things, then their things may not be good at garnering sales by merit and quality alone.


Direct drive is 1:1 ratio no gear drives are 1:1 ratio


hey my brother

based on what you’ve described thus far, what helps is a visual:

This build thread is helpful on many levels:

tl;dr version: @Eboosted Alan could assemble the entire enclosure with electronics for you with a pre-configured remote, and you can take your Holypro to a body shop to have the deck holes filled.

His DS HS-11 enclosure can be purchased with 3Dservisas @Kug3lis heat-sink for 2 FOCBOX ESCs all pre-installed. for battery, consider 12S5P for Cincy hills.

Your motors are good, we’ve all used TB6374. The ones on that gear drive from Kaly are calibrated, so you might have to recalibrate it. 6374 is what Alan runs on his Kaly drive.

good hunting my brother