Any reviews on the new High Current FSESC from flipsky?

So has anyone tried the new High Current FSESC from flipsky, and know if its any good ? 200Amp sounds almost to good to be true…

Well even if its true a single motor cant take all those amps

I see it being used for electric gokarts and efoils they have much bigger motors.

Supposedly its just a regular vesc 6.6 with more fets for more current.

Yeah… it was EV in more general i was thinking about.

It doesn’t look like the heatsink is a good fit if they are using such thick silicone pads: image

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I was thinking if you had larger motors that could then this would be more fitting? The 80100 APS ones can handle 150a but that is the most I have seen, but if you even manage to supply that much power for an eskate I am not sure if anyone could handle it lol - I am guessing it would fly out from beneath you with a slight touch of the throttle without massively slow acceleration curves and the traction would be a large issue. Hopefully one day someone gets a high discharge battery + 2 80100 APS motors 150a (or better) + 2 200a flipsy escs and run this set up - I think that would be possible but overkill, right?

I would think that for like gokarts or thottle EVs would use like ebike ESCs that have a higher amp limit like 300a for higher powered ones, but RC escs like remotes for EV like efoil or eskate, I’m probably wrong though

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If you need something that powerful I’d step up to a quality E-bike controller from ASI. Their new BAC 2000 would work great!

Is it still the same shunt value? The current sensors saturate at ± 165A on the regular vesc hardware.