Any reviews or insight on FLIPSKY motors?

I was checking those 6354s out, and they seem identical to the bkb motors… :thinking:

motor%203motor2motor1 If you look carefully, you can see that the motors I received are slightly different than the ones in the images on flipsky’s website. The rear doesn’t have any venting holes, so perhaps more waterproof and less prone to rocks getting in. You’ll also see that the back part of the motor is flatter and less pronounced than the images online. I don’t think this a bad thing, just something I noticed when I received the motors.


Hmmm…I think I’ll have to grab me some of those!

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Looks similar to the BKB. probably same manufacture just with different laser engraving? I think I will get on as well when my TB ones fail

My Flipsky motors, is having a very high freq. sound (listen to the start of the clip)… And no, its not coming from the belt drive itself.... I have both 6374 150kv and 190kv flipsky motors, and its the same problem with all of them. Before i was using sk3 from hobbyking, they where running in silence. I`m debating with flipsky at the moment, but i dont put my horses on that.

(12s FOC)

theyre sort of the same

almost identical(?) but i dont feel the same amount of torque

That’s nasty. Even my bldc doesn’t make that kinda noise. Sounds like loose windings resonating.

That’s loose magnet sound… If you take bell of and try to put flat screwdriver under magnet or use pliers to pull it out (its stuck because its magnet) its loose and and higher speeds it starts to move and because of heat its magnetic force weakens and also starts rubbing to stator that’s at least with 4 different motors I found out…

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My experience as well

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Would you recommend them over the torque board motors based on the price?

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You seem to have the experience :laughing:

Let us all know once you have found a reliable motor.

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I think you are right. I’m talking with flipsky at the moment, both my 150 and 190kv have this damn Sound. I dont think they will do anything about it. So maybe i try taking out all the magnets, and glue them back in with loctite 648. Sometimes i also get “over current” fault in the vesc, that makes the motors brake out of nowhere… I think this could be because of the magnets as well ???

My old sk3 in bldc was better sounding also

Now i have noisy FOC with flipsky :frowning:

If they are using low quality glue then that’s a no no for getting these motors

When i received the motors, the glue was hard, now the glue is kind of stickie… So i think it’s just epoxy ?

Sounds like Flipsky may be using the incorrect epoxy for the magnets. Especially with a sealed motor like that where the temperature is higher than a vented motor.

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I think its just branded motors and the same plant makes them :slight_smile: or couple of them make the same motor…

I just noticed solder balls all over the place :frowning:

Many of them, burned in to the copper wire…

@BarbaraZ I´m in contact with Gemma Long, maybe you could help speeding up the process ?


@hyperIon1 could you talk to them and see if they can get the manufacturer (assuming it’s not In house like we all believe) to comment on the glue and solder balls?

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I will pass it on. We haven’t tried any of their motors. But that is a mess. I do believe they have someone else manufacturing the motors.