Any reviews or insight on FLIPSKY motors?

I’m putting together my first build and was wondering if anyone here has tried the FLIPSKY motors. I’m looking to use 6355 190kV motors and FLIPSKY has them for $60. Are these motors going to last me awhile? If not what alternative motor brands would you recommend?

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A lot of member recently bought it. They look identical to the one TB and other sell it. I believe they are good motors. You can do a search maybe they already posted something.

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It’s getting awfully annoying, but there are actually just a few motors out on the market that have all been rebranded. Look for identical motor sizes elsewhere and you will find the exact same motor with associated reviews.

I have a pair ready to be used, seems legit as tb motors (With great cs lul)

theyre pretty decent :slight_smile:

if youre in the US i could sell you two that i bought a little while ago(a month of so?) Im putting that build to rest in favor of a spud cruiser :slight_smile:

They look like Maytechs… If so, $75 for 6364 and $89 for 6374 is a great deal.

People charge up to $140 for 6374s and $130 for 6364s.
I am not gonna lie, I have a cart full of $600 worth of Flipsky stuff, juat waiting on a few more VESC reviews of their 4.20 hardware…


I can vouch for Keda 195kv and 190kv motors. Just be aware that the 195kv are actually 6356 but hobbyking has mislabeled them as 5663.

Bang for ya buck wise they are insane, about $50 Aud a motor and they have plenty of torque


Aren’t those the motors that had issues. A couple of forum members were selling them but no longer do. I think one issue was the shaft moving because m3 setscrew that you tighten with 1.5mm hex tool.

Anyone knows if they really have screws to hold the axle to the can? or it’s just press fit? Also thinking in getting them for that price

Is there a reason you aren’t using them for a spud cruiser? I’m trying to do a dual 6355 on a spud cruiser!

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I’ve got hubs coming my way :slight_smile:

I’m trying to make it as inconspicuous as possible. Once I get the chance to get better hubs I’m going to go for a nice and sleek model, or turn them into a direct drive :slight_smile:

seems like a press fit since there are no obvious ports at the back for access to set screws.

Edit: Seems like there is a set screw. Zoom in on one of the pictures and you can kinda of see it in the port

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Read my topic…

There is two set screws in the back :


Thanks, that’s better

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Erm not sure if you and @Pedrodemio are talking to me or not but the Keda motors have two set screws holding the shaft and I assume they are held with red Loc-Tite as I was unable to loosen them with just a hex tool

The flipsky ones, the Keda is the one hobbyking sells right?

Yeah, I really like them for the price

Would anybody recommend them over the TB 6355?

I received them in the mail a couple days ago, I haven’t been able to test them out yet since I am waiting for some other parts. They look and feel very premium however.

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I can say about the TB, rode my 6355 for about 2000 km so far, only think I hate is that they have a lot of openings, rocks enter all the time, also the bolts used are not good quality, more than once I broke off the head of the screws that hold the can to the shaft, same thing on both my TB 5055, other than that they are solid

but $90 for a motor is a bit expensive