Any Riders in N.S.W. keen for meet up?

I live in newcastle N.S.W. just want to know if there are any other E-Boarders locally who’d like to meet for a ride.

I have an Evolve Carbon GT. Also an Evolve Carbon for a friend of mine.

Get back to me if your in N.S.W. and want to organise something.


my home town

Wow I didn’t know your from Newy

I’m down in Sydney with an evolve GT too, would be interested

in South Australia for now.

Cool. Sorry for late reply. Been bit busy. My bro lives down Sydney. Can bring my gt n carbon if your still keen?

No worries, I’m still keen Unfortunatley I wont be able to for a few weeks as I’m heading back to uni and working a lot. But it would be a sat sun or mon, so I’ll let you know if I’m available for anything

Let me know if you come back for a visit. Wouldn’t mind going for a sk8 and checking out a raptor.

Might be coming down to Sydney in the next coupla weeks if your still up for a skate.

I just bought a meepo 2 its in the mail id be keen for a cruise and sum beers an more cruizn

Where are you at?