Any thing people need machined and/or designed?

I’m am curious if there is anything not out right now that people need/want. It could be made out of plastic or CNC machined.

a DIY system with replacable batterys, where you put your own cells.

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Cool idea. Do you mean like a AA battery holder style, and you just pop in the lion cells? With a spring at the - side and a contact at the + side? I think that would be kinda cool.

Imagine something like a big version of Mellow drive, with swapable batteries. A casing system where you can put your own electronics and your own cells. I imagine going to the airport with 3 packs of 99wh and not having trouble and range anxciaty. Or having 3 different boards with different electronics and being able to use one battery for all 3 because they are Interchangeable. Does this makes sense?

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Yea, for sure. So the packs would be self contained and just plug and play. I could see that working well.

Mtb motor mount clamps. Most mtb mounts are way overpriced.

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Carvon kegel core adapters would be great.

I had a friend design and 3d print some but the press fit prints broke easily and the redesign for a bolt on was a pain in the ass and never completed. I can probably get the press fit file but it would need to be cnc’d or something, not PLA with 60% infill. Probably would cost a bunch. but I’m sure a few people would want them.

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Sounds like a good way to kill some time. I might get that done, I’ll let you know.

Edit:. SX466 You mean like this right, but out of Aluminium, like 6061 or something.

It’s pretty much that but instead of having a pulley attached to the wheel connector, it’s just a flat plate with a couple screw holes in it. I’ll see if I can get you that model my friend made so you can picture it easier.

Ok, so you want to screw another pulley on to that adapted I guess?