Any tips for riding down gravel paths in the woods?

There’s a park near my house that has pretty cool gravel paths that go through the woods. I was planning on taking my board there tonight. Does anyone have any tips? I’ve only road on streets and some grass so far.

Pneumatic tires hopefully

8 inch tires. Bindings. Bubble wrap. Lots of bubble wrap

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Watch out for thick patches. You’ll ride along into one and stop dead and if you’re not ready for it; topple over the front. They get easier to notice once you ride in gravel a bit.

Sometimes the front or back of your board will start to slide a bit, especially if you’re going quick. A bit scary at first but slowing down fixes it.

Turn traction control on if you have a vesc that allows it. Made a world of difference on gravel specifically. Be ready for your back end (assuming that’s where your motors and heavy stuff are) to swing out on turns.

You have to go pneumatic wheels, starting like haggy wheels at 6" to 9" wheels. This will provide grip, dampening and enable you to go at high speed against the curbs.

yeah what they said plus low tire pressure. I’ve been happy with 25-30 psi, haven’t tried lower than that yet

I’ve had a motorcycle jacket for a while. I plan on using that, it has spine, arm, shoulder and chest pads

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I plan on going slow for a while

Thanks for the advice! I wasn’t able to go last night. But hopefully I can tonight