Any tips to create a successful group buy?


i want start a group buy and i would like to know the most important things to take care and don’t lose money with it.

I think people are grateful about:

  • transparency
  • frequent updates

can you give me some advice?


I would say under promise and over deliver. However long you think something will take, assume 20-30% delay. Expect problems, there will always be problems.

As organizer

  • take pictures of each packaging before sending
  • use shipping with tracking
  • do not give any estimates that aren’t depending on you
  • friends & family payments shouldn’t be forced but optional, normal PayPal option with fees included
  • do not even think of logging on to the forum and not checking your GB thread :smiley:
  • check out @Titoxd10001 group buys, I think they are some of the best examples of immaculate ones

We are no longer allowing friends and family payments in group buys on the forum, it leaves buyers too vulnerable if the seller is unable to fulfill an order.

@tueboard I think you’ve got the right idea; transparancy and frequent updates are a huge help. In general, members here are happy to wait as long as they know what the status of the order is. If there is a delay, make sure to explain it to put everyone at ease


Transparency is key. Alway wanna keep the buyer up-to-date and with all the information. Don’t hide anything, including profit, because if things get nasty, it will all come out.

Agree with basically everything @SilentException said. Also if the items are expensive or have taken so long to make, $2-3 dollar insurance for $500 coverage shouldn’t hurt. I did that for the first motor groupbuy I had. Some people bought $400 worth of motors, and so far no problems.

@tueboard you’ll be fine. You been in the community long enough to know the dos and don’ts …

Keep your group buy simple at first. Best advice I can give you.

Read the entire Alextech thread top to bottom. And then don’t do anything he did.


Thanks I try to keep all info up to date. Don’t make any timelines you can’t keep. Make sure to ship as soon as possible and give the buyers the tracking number.