Any way to calibrate voltage and mAh used on Vesc6?


I have a friend which have a Trampa vesc 6 (the none + version) The problem is, that after newer firmware updates, his vesc is not reading the voltage and used mAh correct anymore. This is pretty annoying… Any way to calibrate these values in the vesc-tool ??


Hi there, PM Frank from Trampa, I have Vesc6 and all readings are perfect with the new firmware.

@trampa ?

Dual or single setup?

Dual via can-bus. But i get the same wrong voltage reading via usb in the vesc-tool.

Probably he didn’t hook up the remote and NRF dongle to the same VESC, or PPM remote is attached to the slave VESC. In that case you need to ad the battery values also to the slave VESC. PPM or any other input should be attached to the VESC you connect to during configuration. The additional values like battery capacity and cell number are not written onto both VESCs.

The “beauty” of the new wizzard i guess ? But thanks… I will check that Up.

But i’m pretty sure, even connected to the master vesc directly via usb, the vesc tool showing wrong voltage reading (about 1v )

1V / 12 Cells is 0.08V per cell. That is acceptable. The Shunts are ±1% precise, so there is always a tolerance in every VESC. One shunt could have a plus tolerance, the other two minus tolerance…


The voltage is not read by the shunts. The shunts are used to measure currents.

But both the “used current” is off, same for the voltage. When he was on a older fw, the vesc was precise.

We will dig into that. I’ll need to chat with Benjamin about it.

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