Anybody have a link for a mini usb that is compatible with VESC/BLDC

I lost my mini usb cable that works with my VESC. I have several other cables but none seem to work with connecting my VESC to BLDC. Curious if anyone had an amazon link to one that is known to work with connecting to BLDC.

dude really? its just a data mini usb cable

I know…I have several cables but they don’t work on the data transfer required for it. I just wanted to make sure someone has used a certain cable before buying it and adding to my collection of cables that don’t work.

if they don’t work they are power micro usb, not data usb. that is your problem

There might be something wrong with your vesc. All of my mini usb cables work with it.

I have a few that came withmy ps3 controllers that work. A ton that came with random hardware that work. The only ones that do not work are modified ones that either have their power or data lines cut.

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I don’t think so. Never had a problem with my gopro cable that I lost. I’m thinking all my other cables were cheap junk I got in random amazon packages.

I wasn’t aware there was a difference between power cables and data cables so I guess I can rock the dunce cap on that one.

Gopro is cheap junk lol

Damn dude, you have a lot of opinions.


I picked up the first one posted. I’ll report back.

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I was thinking that same thing

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You guys have a lot in common. You should go out on a date some time.

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