Anybody have issues fiitting the Enertion DWP on normal trucks?

I just received my pullies (they arrived very scratched and dirty, which is another story) and belt from enertion and am concerned with how wide the DWP is, it looks like its gonna space my wheel onto the threads and im worried i wont have enough room to properly secure my wheels when they arrive.

You got the new injection moulded pulley or the aluminium one?

The injection moulded requires you to cut off a little of the aluminium from your truck hanger to get more axle to show if you’re using off the shelf trucks.

Be careful making that decision to cut the trucks down. Didn’t evolve riders have major problems with bent axles using these pulleys on modified trucks?

Shiiiiit i got the molded one. If thats not a ridiculous oversight then i dont know what is

Well this is certainly infuriating, it cost like, 20 bucks to have them shipped here and it turns out they wont fit, AND they were dirty and scratched up when they arrived. Major dissapointment from enertion, im worried about the vesc now

I love your broad-sweeping unbiased comments with no facts to back it up, clap clap.

anyway they removed much more material from the hanger…

it clearly says it on the product page… there is also a video showing it be being done.

like i told you in the PM, regarding your concern about them being scratched Up & dirty…

they are made from glass reinforced nylon, it has a naturally roughed up appearance… If it was dusty or dirty i apologise… ill be sure to ask my guys to clean any dust from the pulleys…

the first second you ride your board they will be covered in dust & dirt…

Please tell me what you want me to do to resolve your concerns?

ALSO, just in case you missed it, which you may have considering this thread you made… here is a lengthy discussion about the product & how it works.

I think “might” need modification is a bit of a stretch, it could be cleared up entirelh by stating exactly how long the end of your trucks need to be to host a flywheel and your dwp. Im still debating what the best option is to resolve the issue, buying your modified truck comes with the hefty shipping from australia, shipping it back to you for a return is going to cost more than the dwp itself, and i dont have access to a grinder to modify my trucks. Im willing to give it a shot though, if it fits on my trucks with the wheels i ordered, then theres no issue. I was just looking for other peoples stories with your dwp just to see if i should immediately find another option or hold on to it. Im not trying to rally people against the product, just trying to find anecdotal experience of it fitting on a non-custom truck. Im ordering a new truck for my motor mount, so itd be cool to know what sizes have worked for people. i think your product is awesome and was worth the $18 shipping assuming it was going to work with my trucks and wheel. I think you could have a more clear explantion on you website that your customers will almost certainly need a customized truck, if that is in fact the case.

I’ll trade you my aluminum pulleys for your injection molded ones.

Ordered! 9mm two of them and another mount :+1:t2:

just pick up the dremel and get to work. 5 mins max. if you don’t have one someone nearby must have one you could borrow, or even do it for you if they are nice.

25 mins with a hacksaw and two human arms. Totally worth the effort. Dremel not needed.

Even quicker if you have access to a drill press Sorry for the noise


dang I wish I knew where I could find this stuff!

haha briliant use of the drill press!

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if I check longhairedboys’s modifications for evolve and for enertion on caliber trucks, they basically look identical! I dont really like your new pulleys either, partly cause I dont like being forced to buy blue caliber clones, but for the most part because I had 3 bent evolve street sets that I returned on warranty until I gave up. :neutral_face:

the new evolve street kits finally got changed to have a reinforced, thicker steel axle with a special wheel gear bearing that has a larger inner diameter.

how much do you have to take off caliber trucks to be able to install your pulleys?

I removed 8mm Basically the width of a standard bearing

5mm is the minimum amount that must be removed