Anybody knows something about this Tires?

… or where to get them?

Evolve 135 x 50 tires

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Those are some weird hubs


that’s my hands :wink: I got these when I did the Evolve GT France premiere two years go to support the local distributor. This are 135mm prototypes that never came out. The ride was not that exceptional.


So, no chance to put our hands on a set, eh? Now that you are here, could you tell us if there are more than one type of Evolve tire being offered out there?

well, I’m no more that close to the Evolve French distributor has they are doing there own stuff for Evolve, by Evolve, with Evolve; too much Evolve for me as I promote complete diversity. Too much of a sect for me with people defending the brand or getting in silence mode for few set of freebies. For the tires, except what you have on the website, I don’t really have much info or behind the scene info.


Those tires look nice. I want to know if is possible to get a set. I like the mounts with reinforcement bars you sent @longhairedboy not so long ago. They are the inspiration for my custom mounts. Cheers bro.

I have an unused AT conversion kit for my Carbon GT with an extra tire, and two extra tubes, but I wasn’t trying to part with it just yet, even though I’ve never used it. ever. I can’t imagine keeping it forever if I’ll never use it

They look very similar to that except they have 5 spokes instead of 3

oh and they’re 175 x 50 it appears as well


Are you selling them to me? …je…je… :yum:

Apparently there are more than one model offered outthere…

:point_up: Evolve’s 7" inch AT tire image posted in their website. You read on the tire’s side: Tire model A-1028-02; Size 175 x 50; Inflate to 36 PSI; 250 KPa; 2.5 BAR

:point_up: Evolve’s 7" inch AT tire image extracted from a video. You read on the tire’s side: Tire model A-1028-02; Size 175 x 50; Inflate to 50 PSI; 350 KPa; 3.5 BAR

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…and then there are these Evolve 5" inch AT tire…

:point_up: Tire model A-3037-01; Size 135 x 50; Inflate to 60 PSI; 410 KPa; 4.1 BAR

I found those tires on Alibaba but can’t find the rims or the tubes