Anyone able calculate an angle? cnc mess up so need figure what degree riser will fix it

so had a cnc mess up. the guy who runs it and me didnt cop a small slope in the deck when ironicly trying to level out the front truck mount to the back as i had to move it back…kicktail anyway im useless at maths lol its 10cm lenght by 6cm widght with a 7mm depth sloped up to 2mm depth

could you draw me a diagram, I don’t picture it. lol

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So what are you trying to level the messed up mounting face to? 0° to the surface of the deck?

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Yeah I think so. I used a trig calc lol, I forgot how to do trigonometry, even though I learnt it only last year.

@stormboard1 te calc said the angle is 26ish degrees

If it’s 10cm length and 2mm one side and 7mm on the other, that’s a rise/run of 1/20 To calculate the angle (Ø): use inverse tan or atan on a calculator

tan^-1(opposite/adjacent)=Ø tan^-1(1/20)=2.86° Ø=2.86°

2.86° is the angle you need.

26 is way off man

Edit: This is assuming 7mm and 2mm were measured at the very corner Confirmed on fusion 360 too.


Ahh it’s all flooding back to me now, yeah that 26 I got didn’t seem right. Thanks for correction and how to do the calculation properly

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hmu if you need math tutoring, I charge twenty five 30Q’s an hour.


Special or regular ? 2.86 is right

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Nah my algebra and all other maths is good, I just usually forget 1 or 2 topics by the next year if I do not use them much. I think I need to reread my notes book. Hmm so 30Qs are the new bitcoin lol

ya tryna get to level 0 degrees 7mm is deepest edge and 2mm the opposite smaller edge

Haha yea I’m joking. I used to go to a Cambridge education based school in Singapore where they teach all the topics in a single year, getting harder and harder every year instead of drilling one topic per year like they do here in the US. That’s how I remember all of my topics. IMO the Cambridge system is way better.

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Yes that sounds quite similar to what they do here in Aus. Although they don’t repeat on all subjects just algebra and the common things


I don’t want be insulting, but… come on man, you really need to spend more time typing and proofreading your posts. I had to read it about 5 times to work out what you were going on about because of missing words and a severe lack of punctuation. You don’t need to be a grammar or spelling expert, you just need to read your own post before you post it AND USE PUNCTUATION.


lol fixed 10 char

so 3 degree would be best probaly as they dont sell 2.86 degree risers lol thanks lads

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