Anyone can rent out there Boosted Board for an hour in Chicago?

Hi guys, does anyone have a Boosted Board in Chicago which won’t be used today from 13:00 to 14:00?

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U might want to try facebook group for evolve if u havent already, i believe some people even own more than one evolve

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Cool, I didn’t think of that) could you give me a link pls?

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Anyone in Chicago with a spare Boosted board?

I’ll pay! And give you my ID)

Try to ask the guy who rents out these in NY. It might very well be that he knows someone in Chicago, too!

Ahahaha thanks @Okami !! Both the times I asked, you replied)) thank you!

Hah lol, i should definately try to help u out but that would require some digging as facebook is a bit cluttered but i think it was rick (ric?) who has ny rent