Anyone else looking to buy a Bestech BMS?

I’m not sure if you need to buy any 2 BMS’s or the exact same BMS but I need to buy the HCX-D223V1 BMS from bestech and I was told it was a minimum of 2 to order. I live in Ireland and I am wondering if anyone else is looking to buy a BMS from Bestech (in Ireland or the UK preferably)


HCX-D223V1 has been discontinued and they’ve replaced with HCX-D596 but still don’t have it on their website.

I’ve placed an order for a few, would you be interested in the HCX-D345?

is that BMS for 6s?

Can be between 6s and 12s, same specs but different dimensions.

Why does it say “Maximal continuous charging current 5A/60A” does that mean i can choose between 5a and 60amps?

Not sure but I would guess so, I requested 5A charging and they gave me a quote of $45 per BMS + shipping and PayPal fees.

Im not sure if 5a charging will be enough for regen braking,

I wouldn’t push more than 4a/5a when charging, regen or power supply : ) and if you are using a VESC you can limit the regen braking.

I’m not using a vesc. its a budget build so I got the 2 motor ESC from eBay which has got positive feedback

Don’t have experience with it, sorry. Let me know if you are interested or not within a few days, so there is time for them to manufacture it.

Ok will let you know ASAP

if times not a problem check out my groupbuy

Hi, Just checked it out I would like one quicker than that (also a 6s BMS) but thanks

Some people where still getting the HCX-D223V1 after they where supposedly discontinued

Not sure how. I’ve been trying for the past 2 weeks with no success!

Might depend on what S your doing. They may have run out of 10s but still have stock for others

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I believe they custom make everything and don’t keep stock but you’re probably right

Big mistake for them to even consider discontinuing the HCX-D223V1

HCX-D596 is the upgraded part of the HCX-D223V1 for the 10s 80amp version. There are still HCX-D223V1 for 12s 13s and other voltage formats but not the 10s. That is what I was told when I purchased the last piece they had but I have shown the specs for it here…

It was modified before I purchased the HCX-D596 but not sure if they kept it to the last spec sheet I was given or not that you would have discuss with Lucy or Dona