Anyone else problems with 6355 torqueboard motor?

So I have a dual motor 6355 190kv from diyelectricskateboards and I run them with VESCs. After one year of riding the first motor got really hot and stopped spinning. I bought a new one and now again half a year later there seems to be a loose cable in the motor because it starts breaking when I move the cable directly on the motor. A friend of mine had the same motor and it also got really hot and stopped spinning correctly. Now it´s broken as well. Did anyone have the same problem? The bad thing that I can´t return the motor because the warranty is only a couple of weeks.

How many miles you have in the motor. Also, how much slack in the phase wires. Maybe post a pic?

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I have around 1000 miles on the motor if not more. I opened up the motor today and the phase wires were broken. Here is a picture


I tried to solder it but in the end it didn’t work.

Was it hard to open the motor ? I have their 6374 on my mono build and notice something is loose inside. I wanted to open it and see if it’s a loose magnet or something. Also I wanted to open it because was thinking I could paint them :blush: That’ll seem fun to do

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Yes, it is hard to open them. The biggest problem for me was getting the motor pulley off. A lot of hammering was involved and putting everything together is just as annoying. Still doesn’t work though

Had so many issues with them motors, i had dual 6355 motors i used with a friend.

Sensor died, the motor shorted out the other one had broken phase wires like yours.

They seem super poorly made.

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Did you fix the cable right at the motor exit? To the motor mount? If not that’s the problem, every time you turn the wire wiggle inside and with time this happens

I tried to solder the cable directly where they were broken. When I put the motor back together I couldn’t get the barrel back in its place evenly. It didn’t rotate properly and after I fixed that the cables where loose again…:neutral_face:

I know what you mean about the pulley coming off. I totally forgot I did the samething and realize I gotta figure that part out to right :weary:

I also purchased dual 6355 TB motors. After 3 months of light use omw to an important meeting one of the magnets fall out of place and jam the motor almost launching me of the board. Thankfully I was able to slide the board and get out of traffic. I also later fixed the motor using industrial grade epoxy.

The motors definitely needs better quality control.

I got a motor that the shaft simply didnt spin along with the can… Im certain its an easy fix and thats why I never actually sent it back… anyone have any tips for me? :wink:

Nothing lasts forever. Personally, I would not complain after getting a 1000 miles or more from a motor. That’s my opinion. I used a pair of TB 6355’s 230kv for a while on 12s


Just to let you know, I had all motor brands and all of them have failed after 1000 miles or so, they are one of the parts that receive more abuse in this kind of aplications, these get dirt and dust inside everyday, Water and humidity several days a month, extremely high vibrations at all frequencies, huge amounts of current and drastic change in temperatures, those things are not going to last forever, so I don’t think they are poorly made just too abused.


I also run this same setup but with focboxes. I recently had to fix the sensor wires on both motors and replace a cable that I accidently shredded. Five of the sensor wire across the two motors were cracked/broken. As soon as I fixed it, it ran super smooth. This was after about 300 miles.

As for taking them apart, I found it quite easy. Although I just pulled it out in one go, someone with less muscle may have issues with that.

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Can you make a video of taking it apart. For me it was annoying as hell

I have another board with a sk3 6364 with around the same milage and it’s still working flawlessly.

If I have to do it again, I will do that but as of right now, I do not have an extra one laying around

btw if someone needs a broken 6355 motor. I have one to give and I live in Germany

I’ll take it… add it to my graveyard