Anyone from Romania?

Now this just got me curious if we have any DIYers from Romania around here.

I only saw like 3 electric skateboard and they were all meepos :disappointed: .

Does it count even if I live abroad (UK) ? :slight_smile:

Maybe hehe. I was curious if someone is in Bucharest I see people planning meetups and having so much fun. would be nice if someone else around he he

I have a friend there that owns a boosted board v2 and I know another guy with a v1 with a modded battery (has a 10s2p 18650 in parallel with the original battery). Get some more meepo guys and you have enough people to so meet ups :slight_smile:

What is the general reaction when you are out and about riding your esk8?

Oh man is the best feeling i had hehe but sadly the drivers dont really know how to react to an electric skateboard running 40 km/h next to them in traffic.

And im so happy that the police has no idea how to react to this. I talked with a few police mans and they all was like well yeah is all good as long as you drive like a bicycle respect the rules and were a helmet.

But is fun. Sadly i need to make some changes to my board so right now i cant go outside.

Yes, but I don’t live in Romania anymore