Anyone got an extra 18650 cell they need to get rid of?

i have 5 used 18650 cells and need one more to make a 2s3p pack to power something unrelated to an eskate.

anyway, if anyone has an extra 18650 lying around, can you please send it to me? i’ll pay for shipping, your inconvenience, and whatever you think the cell is worth.


Be very careful with mixing and matching batteries.

mmmm, i see. it’s just to mess around and mainly for testing, should be ok i think.

What kind of cells do you have?

used LG ICR18650A2

i got them to practice soldering.

i know you’re not supposed to solder, but i don’t have space or time for a spot welder, let’s just get past this.

Oh I have different cells. You shouldn’t mix

Actually I soldered my cells, but I used tiny 22awg solid wire(fuse). You want to scratch up the surface where your going to solder and use flux. I only spend like when 1-2 second on a cell at a time. It’s holding up well so far.

yup, i’m setting up for this right now. been watching and reading on how to prepare, scuffing surfaces, pre-tinning using flux, etc. i just wanted to practice on throwaway cells before going live on my nice 25r’s.

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It’s actually not to difficult with decent iron (hakko 888d) with chisel tip, good solder(60/40) and rosin flux. But if you add up all the solder joints it’s a lot lol.

I’ve got 30lghe2 cells used em to power my vesc x up

What kind of wire do you use?

I used 22awg tinned copper wire. Using cell level fuse method. It was very time consuming