Anyone got DIY's Kegel pulley they don't want?

So I’m rethinking my gearing ratio, just want to experiment with a few things really. I currently have 14/50 setup for my Otang In Heats, which may bring up some problems, the speed is fine, just want to try things out. I don’t have a the money to buy it full price right now, since I just blew it all on a motor and enclosure, so if anyone can sell it cheaper second hand it’d be appreciated. I live in Australia by the way…

Have you looked at Evolve’s pulley? Was wondering if they would work, has anyone given them a try?

It’ll probably work, but you may have to chop your trucks and 32T is a pretty low reduction.

Print pulley from abs or polycarbonate.

He’s in the USA, but @jinra has some for sale! Shoot him a PM and see what you can work out. :slight_smile:

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get a job, save up, buy one like the rest of us! damn kids these days… smh…

Hm, only looking for 1 pulley, I’ll ask.

I have other things to buy, food etc, I can’t dedicate my whole pay to esk8. I’m asking for someone’s unwanted items to sell to me. If there’s a problem with that, what’s the point of this category?