Anyone have a FVT180 amp esc for sale?

Hi, my FVT120 amp esc recently stopped working randomly. Heard this happens sometimes and I’m sure there’s no way to revive it. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell a FVT180 amp esc to replace the 120Amp one. I do not have a programming card so preferably have it be programmed to have throttle and braking without reverse. I am running a Turnigy 280 kv motor with it on 6s lipo power. Also, I have none of my spare parts cause I just moved into my college dorm so if you could ship a XT90 male connector with it that would be amazing.

Thanks, Dominic

The 120a is plenty. Especially for 6s.

I do have 2 120a 12s controllers for sale if you want. Pm me if you are interested. They are cheap

if @dominic doesn’t want them I’m interested @Dirt_Bag

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Message me in 24 hrs and they are yours.

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I’d like to buy one. How big are they? I have limited space in my enclosure!

As small as a vesc. They are pretty tiny