Anyone heard of PANZERBOARD?

I missed the chance to get the Backfire Ranger X1 before the price went up. I never heard of this company before and haven’t seen anything on these in Google search. Look like another chinese made All Terrain with Hub motors. What are your opinions?

A good mtb below 1500 doesn’t exist. Most are above 2000. Take into account that a proper li-ion pack with a high enough A rating for mountain boards usually costs around 450 USD and how little that alone would leave for quality components.


Stop it. Please stop it. Cheap chinese crap. They couldn’t even design a proper deck with out bolting on side panels. Really its just frustrating. Look at the video when he climbs the little incline. Tells you all you need to know. Oh and Panzer board? Really?


Never heard of the company but just by looking at their campaign it seems a bit sketchy. The goal is flexible which means they will receive your money even if they don’t reach their goal. It also seems weird to start a indiegogo campaign when the board is pretty much done. Right now they are currently “optimizing parts” and ready to ship in less than 3 months for half of retail price.

Seems like one of those products where you feel like you get a good deal but it turns out to be a shitty product.


settle down now

We should start our indigogo too :joy: Need some money for a new focbox and the secret Santa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


nahh that thing wont last long :smiley:

Dat thang oogly!

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It has hubs how is that going to work with a mountain board.

Yeah… I noticed that too… The 10" Wheels doesn’t have enough torque to climb the dirt hill and it looks slow.

Looks like, I would have to save up for a Lacroix board


I think Stryke board is better then… it uses chinese board as a platform but they market it as aggresive off road board by doing lots of jumps (at least what i saw on their videos)

There there are Tranzite boards… though not sure will they hit market or not (had a kickstarter)

(Looks like they made 2nd edition now, with 2 hub motors also)

Strykeboards skates with baesk8 sometimes. The jumps are impressive but unfortunately the hardware not so much…

Yeh I was thinking about this also… it is no problem making a few jumps but it doesnt show longterm durability

Hi, thank you for mentioning PANZERBOARD in this forum. Our company CELCIUS TECHNOLOGY is based in Hong Kong, we manufacture equipment for LE and Military. But the PANZERBOARD is our first electric skateboard. If you would like to know more about us, you can google “Celcius Technology” or visit our website

This forum is great, there are always room for improvements and we would like to hear more from professionals like you. Please let us know what do you think about this design.



The GTX Carbon looks good, but Why 10" wheels? I would prefer 6.5" to 8" Wheels, because I’m not going to be on dirt and grass all the time. I just want to be able to ignore the cracks and small rocks on the street and the occasional transition to grass and dirt to avoid obstacles.

Where to find more information on your website about your board? The links go in the nowhere. Why the deck has mounted on concave instead just to directly integrate it in the deck? If to watch your promo video it looks like the board is already kind a out off power when climbing small hills. Is it due to the voltage sag? Which batteries you use? Or is it due to too less power of the hub motors? Why the battery box is on the down site? If you in rough terrain you likely to rip everything off. As min it should be some how integrated in or on top of the deck. A box with corners on the down is definitely a bad idea when rubbing over stones.

Agree… What you guys are building is not making logical sense… If it is a Mountain Board than 10" Wheels, Bindings, and Battery & Components on top… Mountain Boards would be a smaller market than Urban Street Carvers. If it is an Urban Carver than 6.5" to 8" Wheels for cracks and small rocks and sometimes hoping on to grass to avoid obstacles (not going on grass all the time)… Look at Lacroix Boards, they created a masterpiece of balance between power, control and feel of a board.

@DragonFZ Thank you for your input! We tried many different skateboards with 6.5” to 8” wheels. But with the road condition here, in our opinion the 10” tire (the wheel size is 5.45”) is more comfortable and safer. We build this board for more adventurous and to be a go anywhere board, from sandy rocky shorelines to muddy trails. The large tires absorb a lot of the vibration from riding, there is less stress on our feet. The large and wide tires have more rubber on their track, make a better contact with the road, better grip and traction. With pneumatic tire, the rider can adjust the pressure based on riding condition and comfort level. It also gives the board the ability to ride on snow.

@Andy87 At the moment, the link on the website will direct you to our Indiegogo campaign. If you view the Indiegogo website from your mobile, on top of the perks, you’ll “Read the story>;”, please click that button. The trucks are mounted on the board, supported by a piece of aluminum on top of the deck, it is much secure because the screws are tightened on stronger materials. We can also adjust the spring tension from the top of the board, without turning the board upside down.


The current video is made short on purpose because of the advertisement duration. Some of you may think that the board is unable to climb the hill, that’s not true. This board can climb just fine. That scene was made to show the board move from grass to pavement and to a small hill and then stop. If you pause the video you can see some bags and camera equipment behind the tree, that is where our team rest. We will make another video with more detail explanations.

GTX-CARBON%20gc1%20dwg With the 10” tire the ground tolerance is high enough. But binding the battery and components on top is a good idea, the battery and electronic compartment can be installed on top with simple modification. We can also customize it for our customers. If you like smaller wheels, we can also custom build it for you.

What ESC are you using? Judging by the enclosure, it is one that is capped at 50A total.

What cells are you using? My guess is something with a 10A discharge rating, 50a total.

To set realistic expectations, perhaps market it as an urban board.

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