Anyone Heard of Skatecro? Looks Amazing!

Has anyone seen or used this product yet?

It looks like a really strong industrial strength velcro. You put one side on the top of your deck and the backpack has the other side… It just sticks right on!

You think it could hold an eSk8?

Granted you have adequate space to accommodate the product, I have come up with this ingenious formula to determine if it will work with an esk8…

esk8 is under 12 lbs = yes esk8 is over 12 lbs = no

I hope my math is correct…


My lightest build was 14lbs … maybe we should contact them and ask them about making an esk8 specific product?


Yes. Some time ago:

Since it is rated for low weight I Dunno if that thing is suitable for us.

I put the velcro where on my board? What kind of lame shit is that? I don’t want velcro stuck on my board.

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I think it may just stick to griptape

Yeah I have to agree to be fair, it would be pretty ugly on the top of your board, like on top of your grip tape or something :frowning:

My e-mtb is like 45lbs…personally…for me…I dont think theres a backpack that will make it anymore comfy to carry :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I decided this on a 1.5mile walk with it once. I considered ditching it into the bushes and coming back later, then decided I may as well throw myself in that bush since this board=my life.

For you urethane guys its possible (id imagine), and some nylon webbing straps would be awesome to have with you for breakdowns/traveling.

Im just gonna have some tampax to pad my shoulders with next time :unamused:


See! Girlfriends do come in handy! :joy::rofl:

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