Anyone here has been following Russia WorldCup? Shame that Argentina's been knocked out

we will see, man, not the right time to talk about lose yet

Boom, Brazil knocked out too!


who we rooting for in quarters, france or belgium?

i want russia knocked out next match, hoping for a croatia + england matchup, see what happens.


yup, the streets are off limits again tonight :wink:

hoping for france, england and russia to be knocked out next. not that I really care about football, but I don’t like the french and the english national teams :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

easy tiger

RIP me, dicked into the fifth dimension by sideways germany. At least we scored the most goals -_-

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so now it’s gonna be semifinals for the European , kind of want to see what happen if russia and england both won and meet up :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My call is the final will be France - England and France will win this cup 2 - 1 The individual quality of French players are outstanding, Mbappé is the next Neymar

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Mbappe is talented but my god at the flopping…glad he got yellow-carded!

Belgium and France have outstanding teams this year…Goalies have been phenomenal. Could go either way. France though seem to be more on top of things and consistent through an entire game. Belgium…seem to be more responsive and are really dangerous when they feel the need to counterattack but slack off otherwise.

I’m just hoping England and Russia get knocked out today. Keeping my fingers crossed.