ANYone in the UK selling an EMTB?

Winter is upon us and and I am looking for a new ride other than my custom which is running on 80mm Orangatans. Unfortunately I need a build which can deal with my local scenes and the shot-up roads, which is the reason I am heading towards Pneumies.

IF anyone has been looking to sell a build and haven’t found a buyer I’m just bumping this up.

PS I am not buying a brand new trampa complete as my cash flow isn’t that positive.


I think @Whitehawk still selling his. Not uk, but anyways a great board!

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Cheers its a nice build but quite the price :+1:

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@Andy87 sell him your other board :rofl: you don’t need 2 ahahah


Damn I was close to buy one more :joy: I can’t give away any of my builds… They have too much faults…they work only with me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you ask kindly maybe he can give you some discount :thinking: That’s really only quality parts. I would like to have the gear drive and the hanger but he don’t want to part it out :pensive:

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I don’t know if he still has it for sale, worth an ask

I see what your saying but then again sometimes the project of fixing something is just as enjoyable as using it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cheers ill drop him a message at some point but Ive got that feeling that someone has picked it up :+1: