Anyone in UK got a spare 15mm 15tooth HDT motor pulley (8mm bore)?

My APS 6364 seems to have died, the 3 phase wires are shorting somewhere within the can occasionally on acceleration. So I’ve ordered a new motor off HobbyKing, but I’ve just realised I need a 8mm bore pulley for the new motor.

Anyone in UK got one spare I can take off their hands? Need it by Friday preferably so I can make it to Critical Mass London.

I have two spare if you want one ?

Postage might be a bitch though if you need it sharpish. Special delivery is £7.25 I think

First class packets would be enough if you could send it out tomorrow. What you want for it?

Er, dunno really. would £7.50 be agreeable ?

Standard first class is £3.40 (not signed)

They definitely for 15mm belts? Look a little narrow in the pic


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Awesome, I’ll PM you!

Ebay has plenty

More about getting it by Friday for a meet.