Anyone in US that can fix broken VESCs?

Just like the title says, looking for someone in US that fixes broken VESCs? I have (3) 4.20 and one FOCBOX Unity that I’m needing fixed.

Thanks in advance

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I too have a couple VESC’s and Focbox/ Unity’s that could use repair if someone can do repairs. Also in U.S.

I have a guy doing a repair on one of my Focbox Unity but he says it’s hard to get the DRV because of shortages

Do you have contact info for this guy that you could share with me? PM if you need to. @DeuceDos

What are folks willing to pay for this service?

Depends what all needs to be done to fix it. Just think it has to be cheaper than having to get a new one that has a possibility of it crapping out as well.

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What if someone would fix them for {new VESC price + shipping to your location} minus $2 ?

Not sure that anyone would go for that. Can’t even buy fries for 2 bucks anymore lol

I will share his info once I get it back. The DRV just came in so it should be done sometime this week.

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So then I ask again LOL

Clearly $2 less is a no-go. What about 5?


Like @Atxraider said it depends. It’s gotta be a case by case basis for each client. Some clients may have 1 VESC, and some may have 4 or 5 or more. With that being said each repair may have different needs depending on the diagnosis of the problem.

If the latter is true. Well maybe the client and repairman have a discussion and decide which devices are worth fixing and which aren’t. Maybe the cost is too much and it is cheaper to just buy a new VESC.

However, to answer your question of cost though, in my opinion pricing should be two fold, parts and labor. The client ought to pay for whatever the parts are needing replacement which are normally just a couple bucks to $10 or $20 for chips. Then the time time of the repairman say ($30 -$50/hour). IMO the repairman should set their rate.

So all said and done maybe half or a quarter of the price of a new VESC. It’s hard to lay down a definitive price because so much of it depends on what needs fixing after diagnosis, parts, labor, and shipping one way or both ways.

That works fine until that formula exceeds the new unit cost, but after work has already started. Then what?

This is why not many folks offer this service.

You’d have to make up those losses on other repairs.

Very well said, I agree. I also see where putting time into trying to find out what’s wrong w one could be frustrating, bc if I choose not to move forward w repair after you put time into diagnosis. I’d suggest a standard diagnosis fee, followed w an itemized cost of items that need repaired which you could choose to go forward with. That way the person repairing it would be getting something whether they decide to move forward with repairs or not.

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