Anyone in Vancouver, Canada


Just seeing if there is anyone from Vancouver on the forum here.

I just created a Facebook group to try and connect people in Vancouver who have passion for Electric Skateboards.

I’m here, raptor dual just came back from ripping on the sea wall. I’m in yaletown and have been esk8ing for just over 3 years. I know one other buddy in north van with a raptor dual and another with a dual setup thats basicaly a raptor dual with a raine deck.

How about you?

Im also in Vancouver, Yaletown.

Van. _ I ride tho: ha! Vesc = E-bike

Im in South Vancouver, should be getting my raptor dual in the next couple weeks.

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Cool good to know that there are a few guys in the area! I’m collecting parts right now to build a 10 or 12S with Hummie Hub motors. Had a 6s that I built before, but converted it into an electric skatecycle.

I’m also working on another cheap 6s build.

I saw a few of you joined the FB group. But if you haven’t please join it and hopefully maybe we can get enough traction to get a group ride one day.

Eventually I’m hoping there are enough people to get some decent esk8 laws in place. As far as I know it’s still illegal to ride these things here eh?

Saw 2 esk8’ers downtown last friday, one was a boosted and the other was an evolve GT. I am ignorant if it is illegal or not to ride esk8’s here? I ride my longboard all over without hassle?

May need to join FB I guess.

last I checked it was still technically illegal as it falls under a category of motorized vehicle that can’t be ridden on roads or sidewalks. I last checked about a year ago when I first got into this stuff and haven’t heard of any changes so just assuming this is still the case.

It seems the general consensus is you will not have problems if you ride sensibly, but they do have the right to ticket you regardless I believe.

Join the FB group. Let’s get the Vancouver esk8 scene moving!

I’ve gone past police/etc never heard a peep. VPD are usually just concerned with booze

Haha definitely agree. I live by the police station actually and have never had a problem. just would be nice to know it’s actually legal. Legalize it!!!

My hope is that if we can get a group of people together we can get the law changed. Imagine if they gave you a ticket and confiscated your $2000 board!

Any other Vancouverites lurking out there? There’s got to be a few more on here!

I renamed the FB Group, so not sure if the old link will work. Here is the new one: