Anyone interested in a TB VESC without a mini usb port

I have a TB VESC with less than 5 miles on it. unfortunately i got a faulty unit and TB wont help so if anyone is interested in buying it im willing to ship it out. PM me if your interested

What exactly happened to it?

while i was riding it kinda just fell off, im blaming bad soldering but idk

The USB port fell off?

yup 10char

How much for the unit and shipping?

idk $40-50? it still completely works you would just need to put the port back on

This one just the broken controller?

yup thats the one

Do you know what its rated for?

up to 60v and 50 amps continuous

Did you pick up the mini USB port or is it somewhere in the gutter?

i bought extras if you want me to send them with the boards im just not skilled enough to put them on

If you can send it to Delaware for $40 with a port I can attach I’ll take it, can you send it as a PayPal invoice for contingency reasons?

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