Anyone interested in chinese parts?

I know I’m definitely not the first to do that but since I have dual nationality (French/Hong Kong), circulating in China (Shenzhen in particular since its so close to Hong Kong) is super easy for me. I travel all the time so if you guys are interested I can visit some factories. Next trip is in August, please let me know what parts you’re the most interested in so I know where to look

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There’s a guy that sells on taobao and it looks like he is the only guy in China that doesn’t sell generic esk8 stuff

I’ll find out what the link is later.

I’m not sure where he is from might not be Shenzhen

Edit he is from North China (Shanxi)

Do you have some examples of what is he selling? There are loads of small factories that aren’t even listed on Alibaba/Taobao because they don’t have the expertise or just don’t want to bother with that and I might be able to find one that is similar enough

Yeah he builds custom boards for people.

I know there’s factories that don’t really sell to the public but what good boards have you seen that have left china?

He sells mountain boards mostly

You could visit flipsky, that might be interesting

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I really hope I can find something similar to what Teamgee is doing I think it’s one of the few chinese esk8 maker that isn’t based on a Meepo clone. Koowheel’s battery system is another good one then again the domestic market is tiny

I would help but I don’t follow prebuilt boards much