Anyone know how to get customer service from @torqueboard?

I had trouble with their vesc. One updated the firmware first try, the other one won’t. I have spent the last 3 weeks trying to speak to dexter from torqueboard to get some help from him. He doesn’t answer his email, his message on this forum or his message on facebook. Anyone have an idea to get customer service from torqueboard?

Messaging https://forum./u/torqueboards/summary on the other forum will get you to him.

I think I remember trying to help you on reddit. Wasn’t much help I guess lol but somebody on this forum or the other might be able to help out.

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Huh. I tried to do that but it didn’t hyperlink his name in reply for me so I presumed Jason banned him haha

It’s a weird glich on disclosure sometimes

You have to manually tag someone and it won’t auto fill

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I think the vesc is broken tbh…even with a stlink, I can’t make it work. I tried to get to Dexter but seems like there is no way I can get an answer

Frustrating for a product straight out of the bag