Anyone looking for a ruroc helmet?

Anyone interested in all ruroc helmet? Black ice xxl. Guy has 2 for 300 i only need one so wanted to see if anyones looking for one . it’ll be 150 plus shipping. Trying to check with local group first but still put it out there,food for thought! Comes with extra lens and used twice ( coming feom the other guy)Screenshot_2019-01-12-16-32-13|230x500 received_2065317740440728-01 received_357948274995787

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Maybe you should ask @Battosaii about Rutoc helmets.


And read this thread…

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Shiitttt. I was just about to message you to buy it for my girl until I looked at the size. :frowning: I would need a small or medium

I know they aren’t great, but they look incredible and my girlfriend has wanted one since she first saw them. She doesn’t go all that fast so its probably okay.

Dont be stupid. Dont buy a helmet that is not safe enough, when you can buy one that is. You only have ONE head, take care of it :slight_smile:

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Yep mine split and knocked me unconscious when I fell last November. I’m now starting to ride again.


@702vegas I am interested in buying it. Just registered this account for the helmet, can you txt message me?

Email me [email protected], I will send you my phone number through email. I am currently reside in Victoria BC Canada

@Bobby has one he doesn’t need