Anyone making custom battery packs and enclosures in Australia?

Anyone making packs and enclosures? I’m not savvy enough to diy these but if I can get the pack and enclosure I can build the rest around that. It seems so hard to get gear in Australia and enertion stopped selling the space cell. Looked at some complete boards but I can’t get exactly what I’m after in the right time frame so going to attempt the DIY route.

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Ballarat ebikes make custom batteries.

Master Instruments can do it if you ask them.

If you have an ABN, they can purchase the batteries for you as well, otherwise you will have to order it and then bring it over to them.

Thanks for the heads up I will look into both. Would I need to add my own BMS, charge port, percentage indicator and on/off switch or would these places be able to help with that too? Any ideas on enclosures? I don’t want to make my own cause I would do a shitty job and don’t have the tools.

Master Instruments will do BMS for you, but do not know about charge ports or on/off as I did not inquire about it at the time.

For enclosures, some business that works with or sell ABS plastics will do the heating and bending of the materials for you. ABS is stiff, so if your board is gonna flex, then it will be no good, although it dead easy to make.

Some even have CNC for plastic.

I plan to do that for my next DIY project. Just need to get the board (Probably tomorrow afternoon, mail is sloooowww) and then get an appropriate thickness sized lumber cut to size for batteries and electronics and place it on the board for one of those places to lay the ABS plastic on top and mold it so the contours is exactly the same as the board.

Will be doing this first to get a better idea and refine the innards before requesting CNC.

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@Pathaim makes custom ones

Do yourself a favour and don’t order anything from @Pathaim

I sent him money for a 10s3p pack 6 weeks ago and I have nothing to show for it. Thankfully I had the presence of mind to use PayPal so I’ve initiated a dispute to get my money back.

This issue is currently being sorted out, I will continue the dispute on paypal and explain my case. Their is no need for this here on the forums. The pack is only a day late as we speak

A day late on the latest deadline. Payment sent on 17th Feb. It doesn’t take 6 weeks to order cells and build a pack. A day… geez.

As i’ve told you numerous times in PM. the delivery of the cells was out of my control, if you need someone to blame about then taking 6 weeks to arrive, blame fedex or someone, its out of my control

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