Anyone recognise this brand of motor? Has a P on it

Anyone recognise this brand of motor? Has a P on it and electric skateboard market written below that. Person I bought it from suggested was maybe a polar but that turns up nothing on google and is a bad choice of name using a motor term if it is. They also suggested was 190kv 6355. Ta

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Ha, I have two of the same cans that I bought from @Indiangummy I think? My googling has also turned up nothing, but I haven’t looked much.

There was a company called pulseboards once…

Sadly it seems that 90% of all esk8 companies that startup fail…

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Its a freechobby motor and its not from pulseboards. Its from Polarboards, now known as buildkitboards…


@onloop yeah, a lot of them end up failing. Especially the ones that do a pre-order-then-never-deliver business model.


Let me correct you…

It’s goes more like this;

Pre-order/chargebacks/unable to pay suppliers/delays/more chargeback/more delays/recked

How convenient, you left out the part where you lie to customers, make shoddy products that are rushed and pretend nothing is your fault


I left out heaps actually, its very difficult to compress 6 years into an accurate sentence…

thanks for the help guys. Building them into an old raptor 2 board and electrics housing :slight_smile: for now