Anyone recommend a BMS for Graphene Panther 5000mAh 4S?

Hey guys,

Im looking to add a BMS into my build so i dont have to keep taking my batteries out to charge them.

Can anyone recommend a BMS for my dual Graphene Panther 5000mAh 4S setup?


You use only 4s? Or wired up more packs to 8s or 12s?

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Sorry, two in series to make 8s.


Charge only bms or charge and discharge bms?

This is my first build and bms is new to me so im not sure. Just want to be able to charge the batteries without taking them out of their holder

id say get two 5s to get 10s. what kind of esc you’re using? if you use vesv then you should just wire so that the bms only balance charge.

Have ordered the new flipsky dual 6.6 plus. Ok any decent BMS’ if i stay with the two 4s? I think these ones are great bms but I’m not too sure. Thingy is you have a power adapter that have the correct voltage for 8s*4.2v (voltage per cell) = 33.6 V. Most electric skateboard use 42v which are for 10s. I don’t know if 42v power adapter able to charge your 8s.